Mark Verbz

Singular universe inherited from new wave and pop-rock music, particularly influenced by David Bowie.
Mark Verbz inspired musicality is coming from the practice of several musical instruments: bass, guitar, keyboard and sample machines to create complete songs.

Facing South: This California Pop Rock song is a story about sailing away… Feel the cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean, sunset on a long sandy beach with surfers still catching waves in the fading horizon.
This song has an international twist reflected in its fruitful creation process: it was written in Los Angeles, produced in Miami by Herb Harmond, while guitars were recorded in Panama by Marco Linares (Gloria Estefan).
Julie in the trees (Remix by A.Stroeer and H.Harmond: was the first single from new release "Seven Ways - The Remixes", a new LP by Mark Verbz composed with remixes from producers/DJ from around the world.
   Following release of the first EP "Seven Ways", Mark Verbz challenged himself by proposing his songs for remix on the web. Success is there, with many hits especially from DJs Alex Stroeer (Austin, TX), Alexey Friesen (Moscow, RU) and Just.Matt (London, UK).
    Then came the idea to go further beyond and collaborate with these talented producers on other remixes, to finally come up with this new release "Seven Ways - The Remixes" available online only.
With his dark voice and some epic choruses, Mark Verbz takes us into his dreamy universe where naturally mingle some fantasized reality and a remarkable idealism.
Mark Verbz
Mark Verbz


Facing South

Julie in the Trees (remix)

Seven Ways - Original

Seven Ways - Remix
(Alexey Friesen Techno Dance)




FACING SOUTH- SINGLE Available digitally only - Apple Music Link



SEVEN WAYS - THE REMIXES - Remixes around the world, LP 9 songs Available digitally only - Order MP3 version iTunes Link



SEVEN WAYS -  First Album, EP 6 songs available on CD and digital - Order CD iTunes Link